Today will be looking into 12 Life principles which have been prepared by clinical psychologist and international star Jordan Peterson. Today’s book “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life’’ is a spiritual and in part substantive continuation of his bestseller “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos’. Fortunately, Beyond…

Have you ever heard of ‘The Overton Window?’

How does it affect us directly?

The Overton Window is a blueprint for understanding how ideas in society evolve over time and influence politics. How do some ideas seem to normalize over time yet some ideas initially seemed ridiculous or unthinkable before?

When you meet a new person, you introduce yourself and after literally 3 minutes you don’t remember the person’s name. Have you experienced this? That awkwardness, facilitated by the quick insertion of a replacement word, usually “you”, which makes it obvious that something is wrong with our memory and attention.

Today we will talk about how to achieve Excellent Memory incorporating 7 techniques which will help you improve your process of learning.

Why do women like bad boys?

The answer, at least in par, lies in our upbringing and accepting toxic behaviour as the norm. So, how does this influence decisions later on once your child is grown?

Let’s start by not telling girls that boys who tease them and are aggressive must like them a lot.

Did he pull your hair? Well, he has to like you, darling.

Did he put maggots in your lunchbox at…

What if I told you that you could read hundreds of books spending three to four hours per day?

What if I told you, you could read over 10,000 words a minute. It’s within your reach.

Today I will give you some tips to improve your experience without having to buy expensive courses based on dubious promises. …

A good memory is essential for your child and the activities they are involved in.

Thanks to the ability to remember things quickly and being able to absorb them later, the young person will not only be able to learn effectively in school, but also cope efficiently in life. They will remember the names of their classmates, their daily schedule and things which they have…

It feels as if you have all the necessary techniques in your pocket already, your working conditions are perfect yet the job still feels like an effort to complete. You feel sick when you think about renovating the house, work project or even something trivial like making dinner. Hunger and…

Taken from the Video: More confidence, by doing 3 simple things! @psychologyunleashed

New Year, new me — we all know this term. However, only 8% of New year’s resolutions will be carried out and almost 25% fail after just one week.

Sophie Finlayson

Parenting Advice and Psychology. INQUIRIES: INSTA & YOUTUBE: @practicalparentinguk @psychologyunleashed

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